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How to connect with Facebook Ads
How to connect with Facebook Ads

Connect your Facebook Ad Account with DataDrew

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Connecting your Datadrew account to Facebook Ads is a seamless process that allows you to harness the power of Facebook's advertising platform. Follow these steps to set up the connection:

Step 1: Navigate to the Facebook connector

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Facebook Ads section from the side navigation menu. This is where you can manage integrations with Facebook Ads. Once connected, this option will directly take you to your Facebook Marketing Performance reports.

Step 2: Authenticate Your Facebook Account

Here, you should find a wizard to connect and configure Facebook account. Choose an option labeled "Connect to Facebook Ads." Click on this option to initiate the connection process. Depending on your location, you can be authenticated with Airbyte for this setup.

Step 3: Log In to Your Facebook Account

Log in to your Facebook account using the credentials associated with your Facebook Ads Manager. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access your ad account.

Step 4: Grant Permissions and Choose Ad Account

Facebook will request certain permissions to connect to your ad account. Review these permissions carefully, and click "Allow" or "Grant" to proceed with the connection.

If you manage multiple ad accounts on Facebook, you'll be prompted to select the specific ad account you want to connect. Choose the relevant Ad account from the list.

Step 5: Confirm the Connection

Once you've selected the ad account, confirm the connection. You'll be redirected back to the app -

Step 6: Configure Ad Account Id

Add Facebook Ad Account you want to sync. The Ad account ID number is in the account dropdown menu in your browser's address bar.
โ€‹Check How to Find your Facebook ad account ID number.

Step 7: Wait for data sync to complete

After configuring your Facebook Ad account, Data sync starts - you can check performance from the same page. There are various Status for this stage-

  • PENDING - Data sync is in progress. It typically takes about 1 hour but it can take more time depending on the size of the data

  • SUCCESS - Data sync is complete. You're taken directly to Marketing reports.

    • If you see no data after this step, wait for sometime and refresh the page - ping us on in-app chat if problem persists.

  • FAILED - Data sync failed. This generally happens if Ad account is not correctly configured or there's a permission issue. Ping us on in-app chat or email us at if you need assistance.

That's it.


Connecting Datadrew to Facebook Ads is a strategic move that empowers you to make data-driven decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Whether you're tracking conversions, analyzing ad performance, or optimizing your ad spend, this integration simplifies the process and enhances your advertising capabilities. If you encounter any issues during the integration process, refer to our support resources or reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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